New York Yankees News/Rumors: Luis Medina, who after Chapman, Clint Frazier, and more

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Luis Medina, the next Yankee pitching prospect?

Luis Medina is one of the top New York Yankees pitching prospects. Some say he is number six others say number five.  He was signed by the Yankees in 2015 when he was just sixteen years old.  Since he was signed there has been much and continual hype for the possibilities with the young man.  This writer believes the hype is not deserved.

Media has all the tools to become a top of the line starter for the Yankees.  He has the ability to throw a fireball at 102mph.  He has the ability to be a strikeout king.   Some have suggested he is a young Luis Severino.  Bullpen coach Mike Harkey has said, “Stuffwise he’s off the charts.”

I can’t really argue with any of this praise that has been heaped upon him during his minor league tenure.  What I can do is point out to all that praise is that he is inconsistent, although he has had flashes of genius, he has all demonstrated that he can’t hold it together.  An example of how he is overhyped is the statement that he has had a fantastic spring training for the New York Yankees, pitching to an ERA of 2.25. Although that is true, it is hardly representative of good pitching.  It was only three games and a total of four innings.  In the four innings, he gave up a run and walked two while allowing more than a hit per inning.

His whole minor league career has been mostly the same, flashes of greatness but with the inability to pitch to a low ERA.  In his best year, he pitched to an ERA of 1.93, but then again, that was like his spring training this year, only 4.2 innings.  In his short four year career, he has an ERA of 5.51. Another example of his inconsistency is his latest campaign.  In two games at Tampa in 2019, he had an ERA of .084.  He was then promoted to Charleston, where he pitched in 20 games for a 1-8 record, with a 6.00 ERA.

It is the opinion of this writer that unless Media can stop walking hitters, gain better command and find some consistency in his game, he will never make the major leagues.  At present, there is no reason to believe that will happen.  Scouts that know more than I do think he may be the next great Yankee pitching prospect.

Who comes after Aroldis Chapman?

The New York Yankees were blessed with having Mariano Rivera in their bullpen for nineteen years.  During that time, he had an ERA of 2.21.  In eleven of those years, he had ERAs under 2.  He retired after the 2013 season.  Last year he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame unanimously, the first player to ever receive the honor.  Aroldis Chapman briefly pitched for the Yankees in 2016 before being traded to Chicago Cubs.

Chapman came back to the Yankees in 2017 and since then has recorded a 2.51 ERA while saving 111 games.  Chapman is is no Rivera and often makes Yankees fans sweat when he takes the mound.  Chapman now 32 years old, is not going to be around forever.  In 2019 he showed a slowing of his incredible missile of a fastball.  In the minors, the Yankees don’t have anyone to replace him as exhibited by the contract extension he was given during the offseason.  According to his performance, they may or may not resign him again.  If they don’t they may ever well have to venture out into the trade market to find a replacement.

Clint Frazier and the coronavirus

Clint Frazier may have been adversely affected by the coronavirus that hit the world this spring.  With injuries suffered during the shortened spring training, it seemed almost certain that he would be in a starting lineup at the New York Yankees Stadium.  In spring training he showed off his stuff hitting .320 in twelve games played with one home run.  He also showed that he might have improved with his defense in the outfield.  His new footwork seemed to allow him to get to the ball quicker.

Enter a shortened spring training and a delay fo the regular season.  With the longer than expected delay in the start of the season, Frazier’s chances of playing with the big team seem to be evaporating quickly.  During the delay, Giancarlo Stanton has healed, Aaron Judge will most likely be ready, and the Tommy John recovering Aaron Hicks may be ready to play as well.  With Brett Gardner, Mike Tauchman, and Tyler Wade ready fill in, Frazier may find himself the man out.

The Unspoken rules of baseball

There are many rules in baseball, but there are also unspoken rules that should not be violated.  Because they are unwritten, they can be a bit of a challenge to navigate.  The no-nos include showing up an opponent, you don’t steal bases when you’re far ahead in the game.  One of the golden unwritten rules is that you never mention a Yankee no-hitter when it’s going on or even talk to the pitcher in the dugout between innings.

Other unwritten rules that are not found in the 173 MLB rule book, includes never flipping your bat, it’s disrespectful.  Never make the first or third out at third base.  Never use your closer in a tied game when on the road. Don’t admire your homes run, standing and watching instead of immediately running is in bad taste.  Above all, you never bunt to break up a no-hitter, that just isn’t right.

A few other things that are unwritten rules may be a bit difficult to understand.  Never step on the baseline when walking to and from the dugout. Never walk near the pitcher’s mound when returning to the dugout.  Oh, and did I mention if your pitcher you never hit an opposing batter on purpose.  Wait a second that a subject for a different article.