New York Yankees News/Rumors: Aaron Hicks and other injury updates, Sanchez engages children, and more

Aaron Hicks recovery and other injury updates:

New York Yankees Aaron Hicks continues to make progress in his return from Tommy John surgery.  Hicks played only 59 games last season, first coming down with lower back pain, then a flexor strain in his right elbow.  After a short return from that in the postseason he ended up tearing his UCL, requiring Tommy John.

In an interview that aired yesterday on the YES Network, Hicks offered that he began swinging a bat last week:

“with a regular bat and with a fungo, so things have been moving along smoothly.”

Hicks also stated that he had been taking physical therapy, and at his home, in Arizona, he has a throwing regiment.  After that he does what everybody else is doing during the coronavirus, he goes into the house, relaxes and watches TV.  If baseball starts anew in May, there is no guarantee that Aaron Hicks will but will be ready to start with the rest of the team.

Gary Sanchez has been engaging kids during the coronavirus.

New York Yankee catcher Gary Sanchez was shut down after back to back catching gigs during the shortened spring training season, due to a sore back.  Little is known right now as to whether that has completely healed or if he is still dealing with it.  Getting injury updates during the coronavirus has been very difficult, with players scattered around the county, and the Tampa complex closed down.

We do know through his tweets that he has been engaging children by allowing them to download a Yankee coloring project that features the catcher.  His Twitter account is loaded with the children’s efforts.  You can tell these kids are all Gary Sanchez fans.

garysanchez doloring sheet

New York Yankee Injury updates:

Little is known of Gary Sanchez’s sore back as he has not tweeted about it, and manager Aaron Boone has had nothing to say about it.  Boone is at his home in Greenwich, CT. Aaron Hicks is progressing well in his rehab from Tommy John surgery.  Aaron Boone has reported that Giancarlo Stanton has completely recovered from his grade 1 calf strain and is in good form to start the baseball season when it begins.

Aaron Judge suffered a partially collapsed lung and a fractured rib when he dove for a catch near the end of the last season.  Upon reporting for spring training, Judge said that he was dealing with a sore shoulder and couldn’t take batting practice.  After a lot of delays and a battery of tests, it was finally discovered that it wasn’t his shoulder but a rib that was fractured. Upon further investigation, it was determined that both must have happened during the diving catch.

Tests indicated that the lung had healed, and the fractured rib was slowly healing.  Aaron Boone had previously said that as of mid-April that the right outfielder would undergo most tested to see how the healing was progressing and if it would be safe for him to play.  With the coronavirus spread ongoing, it is not clear when those tests may now take place.

CC Sabathia feeds the needy in the Bronx

Retired New York Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia continues the tradition of Yankee giving.  He is now while taking necessary safety measures, along with his wife Amber giving out food to those in need.  This week he had his third weekly of providing needed food to those in need in his hometown of Vallejo, Calif, and the Bronx near Yankee Stadium.

Sabathia is doing this with the help and in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club and the online grocery outlet, Fresh Direct.  Sabathia, one of the most revered and loved Yankees, has always stayed close to the needs of the Bronx neighborhood.   He has stated the area is hard hit by the coronavirus, and he will continue the one a week food give-aways as long as there is a need.