New York Yankees News: Gerrit Cole is father to a baby boy, “he’s absolutely adorable”

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

New York Yankees ace pitcher Gerrit Cole announced today in a conference call with reporters that he and his wife Amy have given birth to a baby boy. Caden Gerrit Cole was born on Monday at 6 pounds and 13 ounces.  Cole added that he was a mix of him and his wife and was strong and healthy.  The blue-eyed Caden was called “adorable” by his dad.  Amy stayed active during the pregnancy, even playing catch with her husband.

He added, “Amy is doing excellent, and he is doing excellent,” Cole said. “He’s got big blue eyes, and gosh I just can’t stop staring at him.” When he was asked if he was fearful of the birth and playing baseball in a coronavirus pandemic, he pointed out that the Angels superstar Mike Trout’s wife was also pregnant and that he was still not comfortable playing during the coronavirus season. New York Yankees Gerrit Cole wants to play and made the following statement.

“I think everybody is going to see how these first few weeks play out,” Cole said. “So far, the testing has been robust. I certainly have confidence in my teammates, in the staff with the Yankees to keep us safe. My gosh, we worked like five months on this protocol with a lot of outside counsel. Both of us want me to play. If there’s obviously some significant breakouts or something that would really kind of put us in danger, we may adjust. But I have faith that we can get through this and get through it safely. We’re taking certainly all the necessary precautions here when I go to and from the field and who I interact with, as I guess I have been when I go to the grocery store or the drug store while she’s been pregnant. We’ll just be on high alert and stay vigilant. We’re both be excited to get this season going.”

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