New York Yankees/MLB News: Texas Rangers and Houston Astros series canceled, no CBA reached

Many thought it would end like this, and it has, a new Collective Bargaining Agreement could not be reached. The result is that MLB has canceled the first two series of the new season. The New York Yankees will miss the season opener with the Texas Rangers and the series with the Houston Astros. Next up would be the home opener with the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium and the series with the Toronto Blue Jays.

What is even more discouraging is that as of this morning, there are no new talks scheduled to resolve the situation, which may lead to even more canceled games.

What is most sad is that neither the owners nor players seem to care about the fans that are eager to see baseball games played across the country after a long postseason with any games to watch. Why? Because both sides could not solve greed problems, both wanted more money.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan has reported:

“The concerns of our fans are at the very top of our consideration list.” — Rob Manfred, on the day MLB canceled regular-season games, during a league-initiated lockout. He also reported: MLB has canceled the first two series of the season.”

After the MLB owners and the players’ union failed to reach a new collective bargaining agreement, by M.L.B.’s self-imposed deadline Tuesday evening, Commissioner Rob Manfred said the season would not start on March 31. Due to logistical problems, Manfred also reaffirmed that the games could be canceled, not rescheduled.

The announcement was made Tuesday at Roger Dean Stadium, where the Cardinals and Marlins would usually be having spring training but instead hosted the talks. Two spring training games have already been canceled as MLB players are trying to stay in shape at local high school fields in both Florida and Arizona.

Meanwhile, these are the first MLB games to be canceled since the 1994-1995 player walkout. Then 232 regular-season games were canceled. Manfred has this to say about the canceled games:

“I had hoped against hope I wouldn’t have to have this press conference where I am going to cancel some regular-season games,” Manfred said, adding, “I want to assure our fans that our failure to reach an agreement was not due to a lack of effort by either party.”

How sincere that statement is is anyone’s guess. It is hard to believe that two fully qualified negotiators could not agree in over 100 days of negotiations. The whole 2022 season is in question, with both sides’ heels dug in. 

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