New York Yankees: Manny Machado To Decide On Team After New Years

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The New York Yankees will learn the fate of star free agent Manny Machado after the New Year reports have indicated. Machado spent time visiting the Chicago White Sox, Phildelphia Phillies, and Yankees this week, in which each team had an opportunity to “wow” the prized infielder.

Can the New York Yankees utilize Manny Machado at short-stop?

While the fan-base is split on whether to land Machado or not, there’s no question that he would make the Yankees a more well-rounded team. His hitting is superb – .282 career batting average – and he’s a two-time Gold Glove winning third-baseman with the ability to play short-stop.

That’s where I’m most intrigued – his ability to fill-in for Didi Gregorius at short-stop. The benefit of having him is that they can test him out at a position other than third-base; if he succeed, Miguel Andujar can remain at third and lead the youth movement.

Andujar needs time to develop his defensive abilities, but his hitting was fantastic in 2018 — .300, 27 homers and .328 OBS. He committed 15 errors in the field which was the highest among the team.

Can Manny Machado be swayed for less money?

The final decision from the former Dodger will ultimately come down to the monetary value of the deals offered. If the Yankees can get in the ballpark of what he wants, he will likely sign with them, considering they seem to be the favorite at this point in time.

If the Phillies and White Sox blow him out of the water with a contract worth upward of $300 million, he might go that route. Philadelphia is in a better position to contend than the White Sox, so it really will come down to the Phillies and Yankees at the end of the day.