New York Yankees’ Jasson Dominguez: Mission Mars

Daniel Cunningham
New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez
New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

The New York Yankees have something brewing in the minors. The Yankees have a star that is just getting ready to shine his light for the first time in rookie ball during 2020. That star is the New York Yankees top prospect Jasson Dominguez who has been given the nickname “The Martian”.

Dominguez was given this nickname because his skills seem out of this world. He reminds folks of a young Mickey Mantle. Incredible speed, incredible power from both sides of the plate, incredible arm from the outfield, and folks are saying that his skills are just “Stupid. They’re crazy.” At just sixteen years old, Dominguez earned a record $5.1 million signing bonus for inking with the Yankees last July. There is so much hype surrounding Dominguez even with him just being seventeen years old. Many are starting to wonder, how soon will Dominguez rise through the minors?


When will he debut?

MLB Pipeline isn’t projecting the Yankees to land on Mars until 2024 which would make Dominguez 21 years old. I might be buying into the hype just a little, but I think it would be the worst-case scenario if it took that long for Dominguez to crack the major league roster.

These types of prospects are not prospects that just come around every day. To me, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to see him take the Juan Soto route and debut in just a couple of years. Obviously, there will be some adjustments that have to be made since he is about to see a drastic rise in competition. However, the raw skills are there to make Dominguez one of the best players in all of baseball.

Extremely High Expectations

Yes, there has been the Mike Trout comparisons. Scouts have said that Dominguez is way more advanced at his age than Trout was. Of course, Trout was passed up by most teams in baseball because he wasn’t projected to turn into the superstar that he is. Players are missed all the time by teams. Also, there are a lot of players that have tremendous skill and never touch the majors. I think Dominguez is going to be one of those players who will show why there is so much hype. I think it’ll take him a couple of years with some ups and downs, but this kid is going to be a superstar for the Yankees. The organization seems to think so as well deeming him “Untouchable” in any trade conversations. The kid has not even touched rookie ball, yet was asked about by multiple teams in trade conversations. The New York Yankees have a star in the making in Jasson Dominguez. And when it comes to history, the Yankees had the commerce comet, and now they about to be blessed with a Martian.