New York Yankees: Jacoby Ellsbury Could Be Headed Toward Injury List

The New York Yankees can’t catch a break with outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury. From his hip injury to plantar fasciitis, his issues seem to continue piling. While the outfield is stacked full of potential starters, it’s always nice to have more than less.

Ellsbury missed the entire 2018 season due to hip surgery. He’s in his sixth of a seven-year contract that paid him $153 million. In just four active seasons, Ellsbury is slashing .264/.330/.386. An abysmal showing of what was expected to be generational numbers.

GM Brian Cashman commented on his latest problem:

“At the earliest he could be here is mid-to-late March, so we’re probably looking at a start on the DL,” Cashman said. “That doesn’t mean we are (looking at the IL to start) yet, but just in terms of timing it could be.”

Fans and analysts alike have torn the veteran apart for missing so much time. Personally, I perceive him as a money grabber. I know a ton of people that suffer from Plantar fasciitis but none that have struggled to run without simply changing their shoes and upgrading their in-sole.

“I believe when he is healthy, he’ll be back and show us what he is capable of doing,” Cashman said. “I have been told by doctors, that that’s the case and that we should see the player we are used to seeing.

When Ellsbury returns, he will enter a position battle in the outfield, specifically in left/right field with Brett Gardner, Clint Frazier, and Giancarlo Stanton. He will be so far behind I don’t expect him to make a significant contribution to the team, but rather collect a paycheck. On the bring side, the Yankees can earn insurance on his contract if he doesn’t play a majority of 2019.