New York Yankees: Is Clint Frazier a problem or an answer?

New York Yankees, Clint Frazier

As the New York Yankees journey forward towards the Winter Meetings and expected lucrative free agency, general manager Brian Cashman has decisions to make, and one of them lands on outfielder, Clint Frazier.

Frazier, who was on the trade block before the trade deadline, could be on the move this offseason as the Yankees seek help in the bullpen and a potential starting pitcher to add to the rotation. However, if they’re looking for outfielders, they are better off sticking with Frazier and his defensive deficiencies.

The question is, how much value does Frazier have, and can he be traded for a nice haul, or will the Bombers take a hit with him and elect to keep him for lack of interest?

“Not where it was a year ago,” a high-ranking official from an opposing team said of Frazier’s value on the trade market, per the NY Post. “I’d be surprised if he could be the centerpiece of a big trade, which could motivate them to keep him.”

Brian Cashman also commented on Frazier’s value and where his strengths/weaknesses are:

“The negatives were obviously the defensive stuff. He took a step backwards. He’s capable of a lot more. It was a growing season for him, obviously between fighting with the press and all that stuff. But when the dust settles, he can look back and point to a lot of things that he now is even more certain he’s capable of and he also knows there’s certain areas that he’s got to get better at and he’s committed to do so.

Should the New York Yankees forget about Frazier’s 2019 season?

Last season can be seen as a learning experience for Frazier, who struggled with handling the media after numerous games plastered with poor defensive performances. His offensive abilities, though, have enough value to make him a wanted target in free agency or justify keeping him for the 2020 season. He can be a reliable option moving forward as a reserve, and with Aaron Hicks expected to miss time, the Yankees aren’t in a position to be shipping outfielders away.

Frazier slashed .267/.317./489, hitting 12 home runs in 225 at-bats. “Red Thunder” does have an elevated ego and has put himself in bad situations, but his upside is enticing. The Yankees won’t tolerate his temper tantrums, so he must reel in his emotions if he wishes to have a future with one of the best clubs in baseball.