New York Yankees: Gerrit Cole is officially on the open market, ready to talk

The New York Yankees could pursue Gerrit Cole this offseason.

After a devastating loss in the World Series to the Washington Nationals, Houston Astros star pitcher Gerrit Cole made it known that he was no longer an employee of his ‘former’ team. The New York Yankees were certainly watching as Cole was reluctant to comment on the loss in Game 7.

Cole stated after the loss, “I’m not an employee of the team…” He further went on to say he would speak, “I guess as a representative of myself.”

The league’s best pitcher is now on the open market, and the Yankees would be foolish not to pursue his talents, despite general manager Brian Cashman stating the starting pitching is more than fine after being knocked out of the playoffs in the ALCS.

The New York Yankees have a chance, but how much of a chance?

Rumors have stated that Cole could look to take his talents back out west, where he grew up, but he grew up a massive Yankees fan, which could be intriguing. The Bombers will unravel the red carpet and show him the allure of the Big Apple this offseason, but it ultimately boils down to how many zeroes are at the end of his deal.

Gerrit is worth in the $30+ million range, and the Yankees have the available cash to splash; however, Cashman is extremely frugal at times, as he showed the last offseason with Patrick Corbin. Cole is a different beast, though, after posting a mind-blowing 2.50 ERA with 326 strikeouts. Those numbers are both career lows and highs, which will earn him a pretty penny from a team willing to unload a large contract.

According to, Cole’s market value is $197.9 million for six seasons. That’s equivalent to $32.96 million per season, which would be a record-setting number for a pitcher. If the Bombers were able to bring Cole to New York, it would instantly make them one of the best teams in baseball heading into 2020. They have a few other positions of weakness to fill and depth spots unmanned, but their pitching would be elite.