New York Yankees: Gerrit Cole delights Yankee fans at ever turn

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

New York Yankees fans are excited that summer camp 2.0 has started as of today in preparation for the new shortened baseball season on July 23rd. On that day, Yankee fanGs will be delighted to get a look at their new pitching ace Gerrit Cole as he faces the World Champion Washington National’s ace Max Scherzer at National Stadium in the Nations Capital.

Yesterday he delighted fans with the news that he and his wife Amy had given birth to their first baby, a boy 7 pound 13 ounce  Caden Gerrit Cole, he has blue eyes, and Cole said: “he is adorable and I can’t keep my eyes off him.”

Gerrit Cole seems to be very open and direct.  He informed those on the Zoom call that working out yesterday was “a stress relief, it was good to see a lot of people smile, I’m looking forward to more fun at the Stadium.” Meridith Veracovitz asked Cole where he stands with his pitching. He responded: “I threw 3 innings yesterday, 45 pitches at normal velocity.  Its a different environment pitching to your own hitters.” He indicated that he felt on opening day that he would be able to give a five-inning start, maybe more.

When asked about how he feels about facing Max Scherzer on opening day Gerrit said:

“I’m excited just to put this uniform on and get out there, obviously, it’s an enticing matchup having pitched against them in the World Series last year. I’m really excited about it opening up in D.C. is perfect for the country.”

A question from ESPN was circled around the fact that previous to the coronavirus infected close down of baseball, the New York Yankees were projected favorites for the season. What is your feeling about that now?

“I like our chances I talked with Aaron (Judge) yesterday, he is pain free and swinging the bat well.  Giancarlo had time to recover, Aaron Hicks turns out to be the first player to have Tommy John surgery and not miss a regular season game. Any team wants to come out of the gate being absolutely healthy and I think the five months has provided us the opportunity to do that.”

New York Yankee fans are super happy to hear Cole’s take on Aaron Judges readiness to play.  It appears that Gerrit Cole may be this year’s conduit for insider Yankee news. Cole is that breath of fresh air that may carry the Yankees and their fans through this short baseball season.


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