New York Yankees’ Gerrit Cole and wife, Amy, donate to Coronavirus relief fund

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

The New York Yankees and the rest of society have been holed up in their respective homes, but that doesn’t mean making a difference is impossible.

Newly signed starting pitcher, Gerrit Cole, and his wife, Amy, donated a significant amount of money toward the coronavirus relief fund. After signing a $324 million contract over nine-years, Cole and Amy can undoubtedly afford to donate a bit of cash, and that doesn’t take away from the incredibly generous act from the pair.

“Being within arms-length of this with everybody in the tri-state area so heavily affected we wanted to jump in and help as much as we could,” Cole told the Post. “It will be rolling along in the next couple of days as far as contributing to New York. As the crisis evolves, we kind of evolve. I trust the people who are in charge of these foundations to get what we are giving them exactly where it is needed the most.”

The donation will take place through their new charity, called “The Gerrit and Amy Cole Foundation.”

Cole has been a Yankees fan his entire life, growing up in Southern California. His connection with the Bronx Bombers is well documented, stretching from his appearance at the 2001 World Series in Pheonix as a kid to holding up the very same sign at his introductory press conference with the Yankees several months ago.

“It seems like whenever there is a national crisis New Yorkers rise to the challenge,’’ Cole explained. “New Yorkers lead our nation because they are tough and resilient. It’s part of the reason why Amy and I wanted to be part of New York. It has touched every part of the country but being here at the epicenter there is a different sense of urgency.’’

An astounding act of kindness by the Cole’s, marking their significance in New York in just a short time.

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