New York Yankees’ fresh ace Gerrit Cole motivates us with new updates

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

The New York Yankees will start spring training 2.0 on Saturday, evidently the 4th of July. Sparks will be flying, and so will baseballs at 100 MPH thrown by ace, Gerrit Cole.

Cole, who signed a nine-year, $324 million deal this off-season, also had a baby boy this past week. His son Caden might not enjoy the baseball his dad will put forth this year, but Yankee fans will always remember the first season their new ace tossed.

The New York Yankees will be challenged right away this season

Cole will start his Yankee career against the Washington Nationals on Opening Day, in primetime. Gerrit recently lost to the Nationals in the World Series while pitching for the Houston Astros.

However, on a conference call Friday, the new pitcher detailed how he has practiced the last few days and where he is in terms of starting the regular season on schedule.

I think well probably take it one step at a time, in terms of where I’m at now, it’s a great baseline, I threw three innings yesterday, roughly 45 pitches at normal velocity, granted, it’s just a different environment facing your own hitters, as it will be progressing through this shortened summer training,” Cole stated. “But, three innings with good velo and good load is a great place to start. I see no reason why, can’t get into the regulars season with at least five innings under our belt, and hopefully we can get more.”

Motivating words from Cole followed his break down, and every fan wants to hear their new ace beaming with confidence before stepping foot in Yankee Stadium.

With reports indicating that Hal Steinbrenner hopes to include fans in a minimal capacity at in the Bronx, Cole might have a small fan-base in attendance. While that is yet to be established, watching on TV will nonetheless be exciting.

“I’m here to take that burden on and take it in stride. “I’m honored to do it, and I’ve prepared this entire summer to be put in that position. So I fully expect to be ready to go.”

Baseball is still fighting to return from COVID-19

The former Astro is no longer thinking about the past after having a baby boy and the regular season set to start in late July. The league also conducted COVID-19 tests, and out of 3185 tests, only 38 came back positive.

The righty-arm represents the Yankees’ best opportunity to earn a World Series trophy in 2020, and while an asterisk might accompany it in a shortened campaign, it would break a decade-long drought.