New York Yankees: Did Giancarlo Stanton hit the longest home run ever?

New York Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton is unarguably the best power-hitting player in baseball. But, the simple answer to if he hit the longest home run, is no he didn’t. It’s tough to answer the question because many measurements took place before Statcast, making the determination quite accurate and easy. Many of the records discussed here are based on witnesses, rumors, and knowing the measurements of the park where the home runs were slammed.

It should be noted that homers hit at the Colorado Rockies home, Coor’s field, will go much further than in other parks that are closer to sea level. Coors Field is at a lofty 5,200 feet where the air is very thin. Not surprisingly, the longest home run ever hit was in 1987 at the then Mile High Stadium. Joey Meyer, in a game between the minor league Denver Zephyrs and the Buffalo Bisons, hit a towering blast that went 587′ and was recorded on video.

When mentioning home runs, one must discuss Mickey Mantle because many believe he hit the longest home run. Mantle is often credited with a 734′ homer during 1963 in the old Yankee Stadium. The long ball hit off the facade keeping it from going out of the park. It hit so hard that it bounced back onto the field. The only problem with the validity of that shot was that Yankee Stadium’s farthest reach was left-center at 408′. To believe the 734′ figure, you would have to agree that the stands are 326′ deep, which they are not.

All tolled Mantle is said to have had six long balls that were over 600′, but most of those were contested by fellow players and fans. His longest home run was probably the one against the Washington Senators at Griffith Field, it measured 565′. That home run was documented and coined the “tape measured home run.”

  • Here are some of the other home runs, some are disputed:
  • Josh Gibson, Homestead Grays catcher – 580 feet, Yankee Stadium
  • Babe Ruth, Boston Red Sox outfielder – 550-587 feet, Plant Field
  • Reggie Jackson, Oakland Athletics outfielder – 539 feet, Tiger Stadium
  • Willie Stargel, Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder – 535 feet, Olympic Stadium
  • Adam Dunn, Cincinnati Reds first baseman – 535 feet, Great American Ballpark
  • Jim Thome, Cleveland Guardians first baseman – 511 feet, Jacobs Field
  • Glenallen Hill, Chicago Cubs outfielder – 500+ feet, Wrigley Field
  • Nomar Mazara, Texas Rangers outfielder – 505 feet, Globe Life Park
  • Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins outfielder – 504 feet, Coors Field, the former two were measured by Statcast.

Here are the longest home run blasts during the 2021 season: Click on the links to see the actual home run video.

Please note that five of the ten longest hit home runs in 2021 were at Coor’s Field, home of the Colorado Rockies. Baseball analysts generally agree that balls at Coor’s Field go 5-10% further than at other fields.

Interestingly the hardest-hit ball of the 2021 season was not hit out of the infield. Giancarlo Stanton lined a ball off the bat at 122.2 mph. That ball was lined into the second baseman’s glove resulting in a double play. Stanton has hit five of the year’s hardest-hit balls.

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