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New York Yankees could trade Gary Sanchez this offseason

by Alexander Wilson
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The New York Yankees enjoyed many fantastic performances this postseason. Some examples would be DJ LeMahieu, James Paxton, even Aaron Judge, but catcher Gary Sanchez was not one of them.

Sanchez had one of the worst playoff performances I have seen in my lifetime, and I imagine many of yours. In his fifth season, El Gary hit .232 during the regular season, the playoffs he managed .130 on 23 at-bats with one home run. His offensive spark was missing, and long balls made his regular-season statistic bearable to look at.

However, his defense was equally as shoddy, considering his 15 errors committed compared to his six in 2018. He played in only 12 games less last season, which indicates he regressed in what was a disappointing campaign, to begin with.

This begs the question:

Should the New York Yankees attempt to trade Gary Sanchez?

In short, yes. The Bombers would be better off finding a capable replacement. Sanchez’s arm cannot remain the only justification for his abysmal offense and inconsistent defense. The hopes and prayers he smashed 35 homers per year is officially a thing of the past, which leaves the Yankees with a difficult decision, nonetheless.

Theoretically, the Yankees would ask for prospects in return for the catcher. Replacing him would be the more challenging part. Yasmani Grandal will be a free agent, despite having a $16 million mutual option for 2020 ($2.25 million buyout), and he could represent a significant upgrade at the position. Hitting .246 last season with 28 homers, he’s a rich man’s, Gary Sanchez. He had eight errors at the plate over 137 games, a whopping 47 more than Sanchez, and half the errors.

Adding a player like Grandal would be costly but would make the Yankees a threat from nearly every part of the field. Time is running out for Sanchez to prove his worth, and the Yankees could be buyers this offseason if they decide his postseason performance is worthy of giving up hope.

Another essential factor to consider is his lack of health. He has spent a good chunk of time on the IL during his four-year career. His lack of hustle has also been criticized on multiple occasions.


Karen E Pike November 9, 2019 - 8:35 pm

Gary Sanchez was terribly disappointing during the play-offs. I wish Aaron Boone had let Austin Romine catch one of the games in Houston. Gary needs to cut down on his strikeouts. He doesn’t seem to adjust his swing when he has 2 strikes. He needs lot’s of time with the batting coach. As for trading him, well, I think they should give him another year. I also hope they bring Austin back.

Brian de Castro November 3, 2019 - 5:05 am

You’re crazy, and so is anyone else who thinks the Yankees should trade Sanchez. He hit 34 homers in only 106 games of an injury-plagued season. He’s putting up numbers that have his name mentioned amongst the greatest players ever. He’s not just a once-in-a-generation find, he’s a once in a lifetime find. Anyone watching him play the past two years knows his defense improved demonstrably this last season. He’s making only $500G and isn’t a free agent until 2023. Trading Sanchez would be a huge mistake as he carries out a potential Hall of Fame career for another team. Romine is an excellent catcher, a backup catcher. Sanchez is a game changer who can carry a team for weeks at a time..

Michael Bradbury October 26, 2019 - 9:20 pm

1 Higashioka, K NYY C 18 14 137.0 154 146 8 0 2 12 3 .800 0 7 1.000 8.56
2 Romine, A NYY C 70 62 563.1 638 610 26 2 4 23 10 .697 6 18 .997 9.09
3 Sanchez, G NYY C 90 86 742.2 840 793 32 15 5 36 11 .766 7 30 .982 9.17

Sanchez threw out less than 25% of the runners tryign to steal against him.
Even his ARM is no longer a factor…..
Romine outhit him by 50 points, 2 errors versus 15, etc etc etc.


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