New York Yankees: Chris Sale and Alex Cora Ejected in Saturday’s Game Against the Yanks

New York Yankees, Chris Sale

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The New York Yankees are savages. They took Boston ace Chris Sale through 3.2 innings before he threw a fit on the mound and was ejected due to his theatrics. Red Sox manager Alex Cora was thrown out of the game before Sale, where it looked like Cora was giving the home plate umpire an ear-full about balls and strikes.

As Sale was removed from the game, he walked off the mound while screaming at the umpire. It was clear that he was upset about balls and strikes as well because of his reactions after pitch calls. Sale allowed eight earned runs on nine hits through 3.2 innings pitched.

Sale is credited to a 4.26 ERA and a 5-11 record, nowhere close to the dominant season he had last year. He currently holds a 9.90 ERA against the Yankees this season where he’s allowed four home runs on 19 hits in three games (Baseball Reference). In 4 games started against the Bombers, he is winless.

DJ Lehmahieu is Chris Sale’s worst nightmare. LeMahieu hit two home runs today and it seemed like Sale had no idea what to throw him. LeMahieu’s inside-out swing allows him to take Sale’s whacky delivery to the other side of the field. We saw this today with his second home run into the short porch.

The Yankees are currently 9-4 against the Red Sox. Both teams have scored the same amount of runs (82) however the Yankees are still atop them comfortably. This is huge as the run for the division is almost impossible for them to take it away from the Yanks.

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