New York Yankees’ Chad Green opens up about Houston Astros cheating scandal

New York Yankees, Chad Green

Players across the MLB have expressed their displeasure over the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal that led to the firing of their manager and general manager. However, the New York Yankees have been rather quiet on the matter, but players are beginning to open up about the topic and express their feelings.

“I think that’s your initial reaction,” Green said Friday afternoon, via Newsday. “I think anybody would be upset about it a little bit. But you have to move forward. It’s in the past.”

Green’s responses were generally skewed towards forgetting about the entire ordeal, as the past is evidently the past. He was frustrated about the 2017 season, where the Yankees lost to the Astros in the ALCS.

“It’s obviously going to be tough, just knowing what could have been in ’17,” Green said. “But that’s a tough game to play — what could have been, what should have happened, stuff like that . . . We haven’t honestly talked about it too much. I’ve just been around [the complex] for a few days. I think everybody’s kind of moving forward. It’s kind of in the past, for the most part. But I’m sure the conversation’s going to be brought up at some point.”

For most, compromising the integrity of the game has led to anger and frustration towards a team that has cheated for years on the biggest stage. The Yankees have been directly influenced negatively because of their wrongdoings, and I’m surprised Green wasn’t more communicative of that reality.

Former New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia was more profound in his response towards Houston:

“No way you can ever tell me . . .  forever in my mind, now, we won the World Series,” Sabathia said, among other things.

I anticipate seeing more commentary from Yankees players in the coming days, especially as pitchers and catchers report to spring training in four days time.