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New York Yankees: CC Sabathia, A LegaCCy in question

by bobbytats
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As the New York Yankees take the field tonight in Detroit following as poor a performance seen in a long time just a night ago, CC Sabathia will be handed the ball coming off yet another stint on the IL. Chronic issues in his knee have left many wondering what will become of the one-time workhorse of the Yankees pitching rotation.

The Yankees franchise has always been the model organization when embracing the retirements of beloved players. Any fan of any generation can attest to sending players with the most respected farewell filled with grace and pride. But it seems Sabathia has received mixed emotions within the most knowledgeable and passionate fan-base in baseball. CC Sabathia has to embrace all he has accomplished in his career while recognizing the fans that feel his retirement is overdue.

So as the Yankees start to piece together their postseason roster, where does that leave Sabathia? Imagine how difficult it must be for Aaron Boone to cap off a year filled with success within a season bombarded with injury after injury to give CC Sabathia and the fans the perfect end to 2019. A pitcher who has given everything he has to his craft determined to go out on top against a fan-base that want to see the championship back in the Bronx at any cost.

One thing is certain, Sabathia is heading into October against an unfortunate detractor, the Yankee fan so hungry for glory they are willing to leave him behind. Even as the possibility of sliding into a bullpen role falls into the discussion, it still will leave a few unsatisfied. Sabathia deserves better from the fans he gave all these years too. Even more, CC Sabathia has earned the privilege of serious October baseball. Let’s do what we as fans do better than others and stand up and tip your cap to a man that gave the pinstripes everything he had and then some.

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