New York Yankees: Can Thairo Estrada make the 25-man roster?

New York Yankees, Thairo Estrada

New York Yankees’ Thairo Estrada has been an interesting story in Summer Camp so far. He has shocked fans and coaches by outhitting everyone in Summer Camp. Estrada made his MLB debut with the Yankees last year. Is it time for him to embrace a permanent role in New York?

Before Summer Camp, it seemed almost impossible for Estrada to get a roster spot to start the season. New York has a lot of depth in the infield and it seemed like they already knew who they were taking before Summer Camp even started. However, Estrada’s recent performance in intrasquad and exhibition games have fans wondering if New York might make room for the 24-year old. He’s a great all-around player and might shine in a bench player role. Estrada is a great fielder and hitter, has excellent speed, and is a great base runner. However, it doesn’t seem like the odds are in his favor. Despite him being such a great all-around player, the depth that Yankees have decreases his chances of making the roster tremendously. Especially now that DJ LeMahieu has been cleared and is ready to go. 

The competition right now is between Estrada and Wade. Even though Estrada has hit better than Wade, the Yankees seem to trust Wade more. He is another player that is great all-around and also has a lot more experience in pinstripes compared to Thairo. Plus, the new man on second base rule in extra innings will fit Tyler Wade perfectly. He is no doubt the fastest player on the team and this new rule gives him an even bigger role in helping the Yankees win.  

But, is it possible the Yankees take him?

Although LeMahieu is back, he might not be game ready with less than a week to get ready. With that being said, Tyler Wade will likely start at second on Opening Day. Meaning, Thairo Estrada could serve a bench role for the Yankees until LeMahieu gets back on his feet. However, it doesn’t seem likely that Wade starts more than 2-3 games so even if Estrada makes the roster, it won’t be for that long. 

It is very hard to see an opportunity for Estrada to be on the roster for an extended period of time. But, his name will definitely be on the top of the list if someone gets injured. It’s another situation in which a great player is held back by a great team. Estrada would have no struggle starting for most teams in the MLB. It doesn’t look like the Yankees have any plans to trade him and seem to have loads of trust in the young infielder. Look to see how Thairo Estrada plays a role in the New York Yankees’ success this season.

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