New York Yankees: Boone hints that Stanton will most likely be DH

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

The New York Yankees have reported to Spring Training and games are just around the corner. Manager Aaron Boone spoke to the media on Monday and has spoken about certain players and alluded to who’s going to be playing where. He’s already said that Gio Urshela will be the starting first basemen and that Luke Voit will be the starting first basemen.

Giancarlo Stanton has some big questions surrounding his name entering the new season, and one of them is will he be healthy enough to play consistent outfield?

“I could envision him playing a good portion of outfield but I could also envision things unfolding in a way that makes it to where he’s getting more DH reps,” Boone said. “The thing about Giancarlo is, he’s comfortable doing either. He’s comfortable in left field … but he’s also taken to the DH role.”

Last season, Stanton missed the entire season except for 18 games because of several injuries he experienced all year. 2018 was his last season where he was fully healthy and he batted .266 with 38 home runs and knocked in 100 RBIs.

“We’ll go easy with him early … I go through kind of his routine with him probably as much as I do with anyone. In fact, I was just talking to him about it. So, he may not play those first couple games but I would expect him probably that second home game,” said Boone. “And then we’ll just decide, you know, if we want to go outfield right away or some kind of DH role at the start but now he’s good to go and [we] fully expect him to hit and run.”

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