New York Yankees Battling With One Team For Manny Machado Deal

While the New York Yankees pick up value players like Troy Tulowitzki, the Philadelphia Phillies have seemingly put all their chips in on acquiring a big-name free agent.

Currently, both the Yankees and Phillies are pursuing Manny Machado, who prefers the Yankees but for the right price. The superstar free agent want money upwards of $250 million, an amount the Bombers don’t seem to keen on spending at this point in time.

How much would the New York Yankees drop for Manny Machado?

Reports have indicated that New York doesn’t want to spend more than $200 million while the Phillies are preparing a second-offer that could surpass $220 million. With a generational talent like Machado, any team would be instantly upgraded, especially in the infield.

The 26 year-old is a .282 career hitter and batted .297 in 2018. He’s a stellar option to take over at third-base if the Yankees choose to move away from Miguel Andujar, their young rookie who allowed 15 errors on the corner last season. The question would then become: What should the Yankees do with Andujar? Personally, I’m not willing to let the young phenom go.

For now, we can expect that Machado picks between the Yanks and Phillies, simply due to the fact that the Chicago White Sox are far away from being a World Series caliber team. If he wants to win now, he will joining the former two, with the Yankees being an even more enticing option due to his personal preference.

Either way, it seems as if Philadelphia will come away with Manny or Bryce Harper, who isn’t a bad consolation prize. The White Sox have gone the extra mile signing both Machado’s brother and best friend Jon Jay. They’re doing everything in their power to lure him to Chicago, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like wearing the Pinstripes.