New York Yankees And Manny Machado Meeting Was Extremely Short – Why?

New York Yankees, Manny Machado

The New York Yankees hosted star free agent Manny Machado on Wednesday afternoon, and what was supposed to be an extremely important meeting ended up finishing in less than 90 minutes.

What does a short meeting mean for the New York Yankees and Manny Machado?

Machado has always been a fan of the Yankees, since childhood. Wowing the Dominican-American was an easy job, as watching the men in Pinstripes has been a daily activity for him since he was a mere child.

Clearly, the gathering was more about coming to terms than selling the idea of playing at Yankee stadium in front of some of the most excitable and expectations ridden fans in the world. If the Yanks can come to terms with a massive contract for Machado the deal could be done soon, but it reports have stated that the Bombers refuse to go past $300 million.

New York recently took on Giancarlo Stanton’s contract that breaks the $300 million threshold, and it seems as if they’re keen on falling below that number with Machado.

The difference?

Manny is a stellar hitter. He’s patient at the plate and his ability to not only slam homers, but get on base is a very enticing attribute. Additionally, he’s a two-time Golden Glove winner in his seven-year career.

Moving forward, it seems as if the assembly was more of a formality. If the number is right we can expect the Yankees to sign the free agent, otherwise they might be looking at cheaper options in the near future.