New York Yankees Analysis: Are the New York Mets heating up, the Yankees, or Gleyber Torres?

William Parlee
New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres
USA Today

The New York Yankees have been looking for a way to move Gleyber Torres back to second base. It is no secret that the Yankees are not happy with Torres at short. They are actively looking for a replacement. But in this cash strapped offseason don’t look for the Yankees to spend big on that void, it’s not likely you will see Francisco Lindor in pinstripes. A few days ago I offered a possible replacement in Andrelton Simmons. Now John Heyman has reported that the Yankees are indeed interested in Simmons.

“They are looking at the other guys that are out there,” John Heyman of said. “They’ve contacted Andrelton Simmons, that’s a guy they’ve liked for a long time. … They’ve tried for Simmons before, they looked at him at the [2020 Trade] Deadline, so that’s a possibility. And, of course, with Didi Gregorius, who’s a free agent now. He was their guy and they liked him very much. He did a good job for them and did a good job for Philly, so that’s another consideration.

Is there some surprising news coming soon?  You never know, but Gleyber Torres has been making some noise. The Yankees have been somewhat overshadowed by the purchase of the New York Mets by its new owner Steve Cohen. Cohen had his introductory Zoon news conference talking about all the great things that the Mets are going to be doing. Surprisingly during that new conference, Gleyer Torres Tweeted this:👀



We love the cryptic nature of this tweet, Gleyber Torres, but we need some answers as to what it means. Is it about the Mets, is it about Fracisco Lindor, DJ LeMahieu? Who knows but the timing of the Tweet is interesting in the middle of Cohen’s new conference. Is Torres hinting something. Recently Alex Cora did a similar tweet and the next day he was the new Red Sox manager.
Another interesting thing out of Cohen’s take over of the Mets, is that he indicated by tweet that he is not going to be in competetion with the Yankees this offseason, saying: “we are the Mets, we will create our own excitement.”
One thing is for sure this is going to be a very interesting offseason.