New York Yankees: According to a poll Yankee fans want Brett Gardner in 2021

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner
Jun 8, 2018; New York City, NY, USA; New York Yankees center fielder Brett Gardner (11) watches his two run home run against the New York Mets during the eighth inning at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

After the New York Yankees hired Corey Kluber’s services, traded for Jameson Taillon, and accomplished their number one goal of re-signing DJ LeMahieu, they still need to deal with filling holes in the bullpen. Another issue out there of interest to Yankee fans is whether the team will bring back centerfielder Brett Gardner for another year. They refused his option for 2021 but have said recently that they have reengaged with Gardner and his agent to see if a deal can be reached.

After hearing the pros and cons of sportswriters and Yankee fans alike, I decided to conduct a non-scientific poll among Yankee fans in Yankee groups on Facebook.  Members of Yankees groups are probably more Yankee involved and more knowledgeable than the average fans. I put up the poll for only five hours, but in my experience, after a sizeable number (572) answer the poll, it seldom changes much no matter how long it left up.

I put up the question: Should the Yankees sign him up. The options I gave were: 1. Yes, sign him up, 2. No his time is passed, and 3. One day contract so he can retire a Yankee. The overwhelming number of Yankee fans want “Gardy” back on the team (391), no his time has passed (109), and 68 said to bring him back on a one day contract so he can retire a Yankee. Responders also added two categories. 2 said he should be coach, and 12 said he should be brought back on an incentive basis with a low salary.

Brett Gardner is the longest-serving Yankee player and one of the most respected and loved players on the team. After eleven years in the majors with the New York Yankees, Brett Gardner had one of his best seasons with the team.  He is already the veteran heart and soul of the New York Yankees. For those that think Brett is washed up, he had an above-average season. In 2019 he had 123 hits and 74 runs batted in, his third-best RBI record with the Yankees. He also hit a career-high 28 home runs, making him a power threat. Gardner was clutch in many of his hits. His speed on the bases and in the field was as good as ever.

If his 2020 season were as good, we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion, but it wasn’t. He, like many other players, didn’t have the season they would have like to have. Gary Sanchez with a .147 batting average and Gleyber Torres hitting only 3 home runs after 38 in 2019 are good examples. In many articles, I have said that a player’s evaluation should not be based solely on their performance in the bizarre 2020 season. Apparently, the New York Yankee front office did consider Gardner’s 2020 season in not exercising his 2021 option.

I believe that eventually, the Yankees will sign him up for the season if the price is right. They still need to beef up the bullpen.