New York Yankees: A season like no other, begins tomorrow

New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium
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Opening Day for the Yankees is one day away, and Gerrit Cole is ready to make his debut. It’s a day that Yankee fans have been anticipating ever since Cole got signed back in December. A player that grew up a fan of the Bombers finally gets to live out his dream. It’s a perfect moment for him and the Yankees. Though, we all wish it was in a different fashion. Cole will start his Yankee career with an artificial crowd coming out of the thousands of speakers at National Park. Not ideal for a pitcher making his debut with his favorite childhood team. But what has been ideal in 2020? 

The Yankees will begin a season that will be remembered like no other. New York will have to win games with no real crowd noise supporting them along the way. The Bombers have always been driven by the 54,000 die-hard fans that never stop making noise. But this year, they can’t. Now for teams like the Marlins and the Orioles, that’s not really something new. But for the Yankees, they’ve always had fans in the stadium no matter their record. It will truly be a season like no other. There is no denying that. No fans to catch foul balls, no proposals, no cute babies, no autographs, no new dances, nothing. A huge chunk of what made the game so great is lost this year. 

Yet, here we are. Everyone wanted baseball, and here it is. Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices to get what you want, and this season is exactly that, a sacrifice. Players, coaches, executives, and fans are all making a huge sacrifice this year just to see baseball continue.

What does this year mean?

A lot of people say that this year, the World Series shouldn’t count. To me, I think the exact opposite. Winning the World Series this year will be harder than ever. There are so many things that players have to overcome this season and still have to keep their focus on one goal. For some, that’s not an easy task at all. A player will not be allowed to play for two weeks, even if he doesn’t feel any different than before. This virus has changed everything, and players have to adapt. 

One mistake in health protocols could be the end for some players. This year, you will have to be the best of the best to be on top of the MLB. Not just physically, but mentally. For some, it will too much to handle. This year will prove whether or not the Yankees are good enough to survive on the big stage. They will have to do so cheering on themselves. But get ready, because baseball is back! It’s time for the Yankees to finally get that 28th championship that they have been working towards for a decade. I cannot wait!

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