New York Yankees: 5 Major takeaways from Yankees 9-2 loss to the Rays (video)

Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees

The New York Yankees went into last night’s game at Yankee Stadium hoping to take the series from the Tampa Bay Rays three games to one; instead, they got the split when the Rays pummeled the Yankee pitching staff. The Rays got the 9-2 win over the Yankees, and the Yankee ace Gerrit Cole giving the Rays the season edge of 7-5.

Cole fans 7 but allows 5 runs

It was apparent from the start the Yankee ace Gerrit Cole didn’t have his best stuff going. His demeanor on the mound was uncomfortable, and he didn’t make his best pitches and seemed in search more to get on track. It never happened. He gave up 5 runs earned runs in as many innings while walking an unusual two Rays.

Cole reduced his record to 6-3 and increased his ERA from 1.78 to 2.26. Unfortunately, he also has as many losses as all of last season and just 2 short of his 2019 winning season with the Houston Astros. But in all fairness to Cole, in all of his losses, he got almost no run support, something all the Yankee starters are suffering from as the Yankees have not found their hitting pace this late into the season. However, last night was all on Cole; his five runs allowed is only the second game of twelve that he has allowed more than two runs.

And unusual for this season, the normally nearly perfect bullpen failed miserably. Nick Nelson came in to replace Cole and gave up four more earned runs. Even Luis Cessa and Brooks Kriske that pitched two scoreless innings didn’t strike out a single hitter.

Yankee situational hitting just not there

New York Yankee hitting and situational hitting have been missing in most games played this season, and last night was no different. The Yankees only got six hits on the night. Both runs scored were via the home run, one to Brett Gardner and one to Miguel Andujar. The small ball game just wasn’t there as the Yankees left what few hitting they had on base. As in so many games, the Yankees went 0-7 with runners in scoring position.

Garret Cole and the Yankees basically lost the game in the bottom of the fourth inning when with no outs, the Yankees had men on second and third base; they failed to bring in a single run. Then at the top of the fifth inning Gerrit Cole gave up three runs, and the game was over.

The Yankees don’t seem to be playing to the intensity that wins a division. Just watching last night’s game, you could see hitting and running the bases that the Tampa Bay Rays play every game like it’s the last inning of the seventh game of the World Series. But, unfortunately, the Yankees don’t emit that energy.

Brett Gardner had a big night

Brett Gardner remaining an excellent defender in both center and left field; it’s no secret he hasn’t been hitting. He went into last night’s game, hitting just .186 with no home runs. However, last night he got one problem lifted off his shoulders; he got his first home run of the season. He also was the only Yankees with multiple hits in the game; his other hit was a double.

Were the umpires showing favoritism?

This is a subject that I seldom get into if umpires are being fair. But last night’s exhibition of duel standards needs to be mentioned. Before Cole’s exit from the game, it was apparent that he was not getting the benefit of similar calls that his adversary Ryan Yarbrough was enjoying. Yarbrough continually pitched low and outside, but those close calls were called strikes, while the same pitches by Cole were called balls. Usually, when an umpire makes bad calls, it evens out between the teams, but that was not the case last night he home plate umpire, Chad Whitson. This was not just an opinion; it was proven when the YES Network showed a computer graph, proving the inconsistency.

Manager Aaron Boone was thrown out of the game when he pointed to Whitson while removing Cole from the game. In another situation in the fifth inning, Kevin Kiermaier went outside the first baseline to avoid a tag but was not called out.

Gio Urshela gave up his body

We all know that Gio Urshela is an elite defender for the New York Yankees at the hot corner, making great play after great play. But last night, he pulled a Jeter, giving up his bottom to the left-field stands. The only difference was when Jeter did it; there was no netting. Watch below.


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