New York Yankees: 3 major takeaways from Sunday’s shutout of the Phillies

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton
May 8, 2018; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton (27) watches his solo home run against the Boston Red Sox during the fourth inning at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees could only wish they could have a pitching demonstration in every game they had on Sunday. Jordan Montgomery, in his second start of the season, was, well, superb. After a great start in his first outing, yesterday he showed the rotation how it’s done. He started by grounding out Andrew McCutchen, the former Yankee. He struck out another former Yankee in Didi Gregorius. Next up was Bryce Harper, who also grounded out for a perfect first for Monty.

Segura faced Monty to start the second inning. He had a line drive that DJ LeMahieu snagged in an exceptional play. Knapp got a long fly ball that Judge at the warning track caught. Miller flew out for another one-two-three inning for Montgomery.

Montgomery out for the third. Joyce singled, Quinn singled, ex-Yankee Ronald Torreyes had a line drive to Torres for the first out. Andujar made a great play to cut off the runner at second, two outs. Didi Gregorius struck out for the third out of the half. Monty looked good early in this spring training, and yesterday was everything the New York Yankees could have wanted.

Next up was Jonathan Loaisiga. Jonathan Loaisiga for the New York Yankees got his chance to pitch in the fourth, grounding out Bryce Harper. Segura struck out. Knapp chopped out a single, and Miller flew out to Hicks for a scoreless inning. He followed that for a second inning. Joyce singled off him leading off. Quinn failed to advance him. Torreyes hit into a double play ending the half. Loaisiga’s day was nothing if it was not brilliant.

Each succeeding Yankees pitcher did his job until Brookes Kriske, who had his troubles in the ninth; he walked the first two hitters he faced but still managed to get out of the inning without giving up a run to the Phillies.

Brett Gardner is washed up

Wait just one moment, please. If you watched yesterday’s game, Brett Gardner is the only reason the New York Yankees won the game. His Grand Slam and his four runs scored was the only Yankee scoring of the game. The rest of the Yankee lineup remained nearly silent.

During the offseason, the veteran relinquished, waiting to see if the Yankees would bring him back for yet another season. Fans in a pole were 50/50 on if the team should bring him back. Some wanted to see him back for sentimental reasons, stating that he was the Yankees’ heart and soul and deserved another season so his family could see him play again and retire as a Yankee. The other thought his time had passed, and the Yankees should move on. Yesterday the veteran showed he can still play and be an integral part of a winning team.

When healthy Stanton is Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton was the 2017 National League MVP hitting 59 home runs and batting .281. In a somewhat questionable move that was quite expensive for the New York Yankee, they traded with the Miami Marlins to make Stanton a Yankee and took on his massive contract. In 2018 the Yankees got pretty much what they asked for. Stanton hit 38 home runs and hit .266. That’s when it all went south; 2019 and 2020 revealed Stanton as an injury-laden player that couldn’t stay on the field.

However, in the 2020 postseason, when healthy Stanton hit six home runs in just seven games, hitting .301 with a 1.462 OPS. Stanton entered this season completely healthy. In yesterday’s spring training game, he hit two massive doubles. The Yankees couldn’t get him home, but his doubles were no doubters, both hit with extreme power. If Stanton can remain healthy, there is little doubt that he can be an important tool for the Yankees to get to another championship.