New York Yankees: 2 Yankees with comeback mentalities for 2020

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Santon

Last season, the New York Yankees were hit with more injuries than any other club in Major League Baseball. They had 30 guys go down on the injured list throughout the season and had several players miss significant time.

There are a few players who didn’t get the chance to prove themselves last season and couldn’t be more anxious to get back on the field and show baseball what they got.

Luis Severino

After missing practically the entire regular season last year due to several injuries, Luis Severino has gotten some heat that he’s not as good as people think. He’s received some hate that he hasn’t been good since the first half of 2017 and he’ll be buried on the Yankee rotation.

Severino is going to be a 1A, 1B type of situation with Gerrit Cole in the rotation this year. Having those two guys at the front of the rotation is terrifying to any opposing lineup. These two guys are going to lead the Yankees to another successful year and have a strong run into the postseason

Giancarlo Stanton

After receiving a ton of hate for his high strikeout rate and enduring several injuries last season, I don’t think there’s anyone more hungry for a strong season than Giancarlo Stanton.

It’s forgotten how good of a ballplayer Stanton is because of his unlucky injuries, and I think Stanton is going to remind the rest of Major League Baseball of that this season. A healthy Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in a lineup is huge for the New York Yankees and will be gateway as they chase number 28.

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