MLB punishes Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman and Aaron Boone for no reason over Tampa incident

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone
[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”sjebc5h3lv” question=”Do you think they deserved suspensions? ” opened=”0″]Houston Astros’ players weren’t suspended a single game for cheating multiple seasons and winning a World Series because of it, but New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman throws one wayward pitch and things get out of hand.[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

Both Chapman and manager Aaron Boone were suspended due to the chaos that occurred after Tuesday evening’s game. Chapman threw a 101 MPH fastball at the head of Michael Brosseau, and the league suspended him three games for it.

The Tampa Bay Rays believe it was intentional, while a chart of Chapman’s four-seam fastballs this year would suggest that he has just been erratic with his pitches.

Boone, who played a very small part in this incident, was suspended one game, as was Tampa’s manager Kevin Cash.

Kevin Cash said in response to Chapman’s wayward high and tight pitch:

It’s ridiculous. Enough is enough. … It was mishandled by the Yankees.”

“Poor judgement. Poor coaching. Poor teaching.”

“I can assure you, other than three years ago, there hasn’t been one pitch thrown with intent from any of our guys. Somebody has to be accountable and the last thing I’ll say is I have a whole damn stable full of guys that throw 98 mph.”

Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone followed stating:

“I think just some back and forth with obviously the ball coming close to Brossaeu there,” Boone said. “They’re upset with it. I understand that can be scary when you get it near your guy.”

“Those are pretty scary comments,” Boone said. “I don’t think that’s right at all.”

When asked if Boone would reach out to Cash in regard to the chaos that ensued, he stated:

“Cash and I have a good relationship and if we need to talk about things, we will.”