‘He’s a clown’: Former Yankees’ pitcher CC Sabathia slams Astros star

New York Yankees, CC Sabathia

Former New York Yankees‘ left-handed starting pitcher CC Sabathia made the news again this today. The big fella is known as a Yankees’ ambassador ever since he retired after last season, and given the recent history between the Bombers and the Houston Astros, he heavily criticized shortstop Carlos Correa for calling out Astros’ critics this week.

Correa, a member of the Astros team that was caught using a sign-stealing scheme back in 2017, the year in which they won the World Series, said that to Chandler Rome of the Houston Chronicle: “I know a lot of people are mad. I know a lot of people don’t want to see us here. But what are they going to say now?”

Those comments from Correa came immediately after the Astros eliminated the Minnesota Twins 2-0 to advance to the Division Series. To that, the former Yankees’ great had a wide array of F-bombs and other insults.

“They cheated and then they’re mad at us. Like get the f— out of here,” Sabathia said on the R2C2 podcast. “It’s a f—–g joke. And then you finish under .500 this year. Like, shut the f— up. … The kid’s a clown, I’m sorry.”

The former Yankees’ star had some words for the Astros

The Astros did finish below the .500 threshold, at 29-31 in a highly competitive American League West division. Sabathia, of course, was a member of the New York Yankees back in 2017, when the sign-stealing scandal, which involved trash can banging as a way to relay stolen signs through video cameras, took place.

“F— them dudes, man,” Sabathia said. The former Yankees’ hurler then criticized that the Astros beat a Twins team that has been highly unsuccessful in recent postseason ventures: “Y’all beat a team that’s lost 18 straight f—— playoff games.”

The Houston Astros will face the Oakland Athletics in the division series, while the Yankees will play against the Tampa Bay Rays. The winners of those brackets will meet at the Championship Series.