David Ortiz details how the Yankees can solve their problems

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

The New York Yankees will have an active off-season as they try to solve multiple positions of weakness. It seems as if every year they face similar struggles, trying to find a solution at shortstop and injecting more talent into the starting pitching rotation.

Hopefully, general manager Brian Cashman can finally solve this everlasting problem, but one former player believes it’s not about their talent, it’s about their chemistry.

David Ortiz stated in an interview with the NY Post:

They don’t need more players. They need new chemistry. They got the talent. But the chemistry comes from the talent. If you have no chemistry you can have the best talent and you’re not going to win.

I tend to agree with Ortiz, as teams with lesser talent find ways to win based on confidence and chemistry alone. The Yankees, who enjoyed several losing streaks during the 2021 season, have more than enough qualities to beat any given team. The fact they showed up so dull against the Boston Red Sox in the Wild Card says a lot about their confidence and excitement to play with one another.

Just take a look at the Atlanta Braves, who are currently leading the World Series 2–1 over the Houston Astros. They are a team currently playing in unison as a unit; the Yankees seemed to be a team playing for the individual instead of each other.

Sometimes money can’t fix everything, and the Yankees are learning that the hard way as the rest of the MLB continues to catch up in terms of production. The question is, is that a managerial problem?

The Yankees didn’t hesitate to extend Aaron Boone on a three-year contract this off-season, indicating he is a strong presence in the locker room. However, some believe he lacks the discipline to command a team and create a winning atmosphere.

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