Clint Frazier trolls Yankees fans with hilarious Tweet

New York Yankees, Clint Frazier

As the MLB lockout pushes on, the New York Yankees find themselves wishing they had spent a bit of money on free agents months ago. When the 2022 season eventually begins, we hope they will have to dive into the free agency pool quickly to scoop up players on big contracts.

That strategy isn’t exactly what owner Hal Steinbrenner envisioned when the lockout began, but it doesn’t seem as if the owners and players union will find a compromise anytime soon, having already canceled the first two series of the regular season.

Nonetheless, players are having some fun with the current situation, specifically, former Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier, who failed to make a name for himself wearing pinstripes.

Over five total seasons, Frazier hit a combined .239 with 29 homers and 97 RBIs. Some players record those numbers in just one season, and the Yankees simply couldn’t justify relying on him any longer as injuries began to decrease his value.

As players wait patiently for the lockout to end, Frazier took a friendly shot at his former team’s fans, stating he may have to start applying for McDonald’s jobs.

Clint signed a one-year deal with the Chicago Cubs at $1.5 million before the lockout started, so he will be just fine moving forward unless he fails to prove his worth once again wearing a new uniform.

In the meantime, the Yankees desperately need more outfield depth, having lost Frazier, Tyler Wade, and Brett Gardner this off-season.

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