Can The New York Yankees Survive This string Of Injuries?


Down goes Chapman!! Down goes Chapman, down goes Didi!! Down goes Didi… a left hook, then a devastating right cross sends two New York Yankees reeling to the canvas, as the DL virus pounds the teams immune system once again…

The Yankees have been hammered by injuries. Before the All-Star break, the only serious concerns were Clint Frazier (concussion) and Jacoby Ellsbury (back/hip). Minor set back to Gleyber Torres (hip) and Gary Sanchez (groin) were light; expected to be back in the lineup at the beginning of the second half without problem. But then it happened…

The ship had sputtered into the habor, running low on gas; a leak in the hull; and a small tear in the sail. Nothing complicated. We were sporting the 2nd best record in MLB—trailing only the Red Sox. We docked, and the crew disembarked to their respective destinies for a well deserved rest. Five days later, we returned; finding the ship in tip top shape. All aboard! Time to set sail again!

We glided through the habor and out to the open sea. It was a beautiful day for sailing. The captain opened the throttle; full steam ahead. Time to catch Boston! However, when the captain cut the motor, and ordered the sails to be raised, we made an abrupt turn to the left, catching everybody off-guard.

Management had decided to chart a new course. Instead of following the traditional route wich lends to favorable wins, we gambled and flip-flopped the rotation. The Baseball Gods were not pleased with this ingenius strategy, costing us into unknown waters. Going against the grain, the sea became choppy and the sails were lowered promote stability. It didn’t work; one mishap followed another…

Domingo German started game one. He lost and was tosed overboard to the minors. Split-squad lineups were used for a double-header against Kansas City, when we needed a sweep to gain some momentum. Gleyber Torres—the hands down favorite for ROY—also tumbled into the deep after a scolding from Phil Nevin for his lapses on defense (though hitting 2 Home Runs and 4 RBI’S in the same game). His average nose dived—from .289 to .268 at the time of this commentary—hitting .204 in the next 22 games (with only 2 Home Runs and 7 ribbies).

Then it was Gary Sanchez who reappeared only to dissapear to Tampa; exiled because his game/body were not up to par. Superman Aaron Judge is crippled by kryptonite; Boston sweeps; and a depleted offense is weakened even more, when, mysteriously Neil Walker is not playing after hitting 2 Home Runs the night before, two days later Greg Bird receives the same treatment. When asked about these moves, Boone’s rhetoric was unconvencing. To close things out, the DL virus returned stricking CC, Didi, and Chapman…

All the forces of evil have had their turn unleashing missiles and torpedos at Bronx Bombers. Yet, somehow, in an amazing way, the team has weathered the storm. We’re still the 2nd best club in baseball! So whether we like it or not, we have to give credit where credit is due.

Aaron Boone and his staff, along with crafty moves by the front office, have held things together. Despite the inexperience,  or the inexplicable, Boone has rallied his troops. Hicks has been fantastic; stepping up his game to unite with Stanton as the power source. The vets (Walker and Gardner) have been reliable as always with their presence.

What about Miguel Andújar who has quietly moved to the forefront of the ROY balloting? Romine arose to the occasion in the absence of Sanchez. Even new addition Luke Voit is getting in on the action. Then there’s Happ, Lynn, and Britton which tightened a sagging staff. Betances is back, Robertson is Robertson, and all others are doing their part too.

Aaron Boone is getting the most out of his players, and that’s quite commendable.

In closing, I feel that the only thing missing is for us to find the right current. The one where all unite in perfect harmony—health, chemistry, rythmn (pitching/defense,hitting)—and favorable winds carrying us to our 28th championship. No doubt, we have the pieces to get the job done.

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