Brian Cashman discusses Yankees’ slow start to the season

New York Yankees, Brian Cashman

The Yankees are off to the worst start since 1997. They currently sit at 5-10 on the season, which is an American League worst. There have been many things that have led to this slow start. The offensive has been horribly inconsistent, and the pitching staff hasn’t been anything to brag about. Everyone not named Gerrit Cole has had trouble finding any sort of consistency. 

Many have concerns regarding the start of the 2021 season. How can you blame them? The Yankees have one of the best all-around rosters in the MLB. That’s what’s so frustrating about their recent performance. At this point, New York should not be one of the bottom feeders in the AL.

So, where do you toss the blame?

Considering the Yankees didn’t make many changes this offseason, the recent decline is very dumfounding. This has some pointing at guys like Aaron Boone (manager) and Marcus Thames (hitting coach) for the recent struggles. As much as I would like to defend the coaching staff, I can’t put a pin in it either.

The recent struggles led Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman to schedule a conference with the media. He started by saying that they are “disappointed” at where they stand and that the most “troubling” thing so far has been their record. He also addressed the offensive and how right now, “they’re not a strength of ours” and that they’re a team “that opposing teams would want to face.” But he said that throughout the season, “they will” become a huge strength. 

Cashman also talked about the defensive and base running errors. Saying that “when the offense is not thriving,” then the “smaller stuff gets magnified.” He makes a good point by stating they need to be as “clean” as possible in the field and on the bases as the offense “finds its stride.” 

Cashman was also not pleased with the fans throwing stuff onto the field. Saying that, “if someone wants to throw something on the field, then they should expect to be arrested.” He understood the frustration from the fans but said there is “no place” for that at any time. 

Lastly, Cashman was asked about Aaron Boone’s performance thus far. He said that he’s “doing everything he needs to do” and is, most importantly, “supporting our guys.” It seems as though Cashman is putting little blame on Boone and expects everything to flatten out over time. He also expressed support in Boone’s decision to talk to the team with a stronger tone. 

Cashman and the Yankees are obviously not happy with their performance. With that said, they’re still very confident. They know that they can play. They’ve expressed time and time again that this 15-game stretch in no way defines who they are. 

Only time will tell whether the Yankees can pull it together. Fifteen games is a very small sample size to go off. This team is good enough to compete late into the year, they just need to show it. Tune in tomorrow as the Yankees begin a two-game set against the Braves. It might be the series where the Bombers turn things around! 

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