Yankees and Aroldis Chapman reach reasonable extension

New York Yankees, Aroldis Chapman


Yankees and Chapman agree on a $48 million, three-year extension to replace two-year, $30 million remaining on deal.


Time is ticking for New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman. The five-year, $86 million contract he signed with the Bombers has an out after the third season, and he now has to decide on his future. If he chooses to look for a new contract, he will forfeit $30 million over the next two seasons, but he can likely find a suitor who will pay him significantly more.

The Yankees could re-sign him for more money. Still, it’s possible they stick with Zach Britton as their closer and let Chapman walk, especially after he gave up a two-run homer to Jose Altuve in the ALCS to guarantee the Yankees’ elimination from the playoffs. His success dwarfs that blip on Chapman’s impressive career.

Chapman has until 12:01 a.m. on Sunday to make a choice and all signs point towards an opt-out. The closer will turn 32 in February, which puts him in an older grouping of relief pitchers. If he elects to opt-out, the Yanks will then offer him (qualifying) $17.8 million for one year. If he rejects that, the new team he signs with will then need to compensate his former club (the Bombers).

How dominant was Aroldis Chapman for the New York Yankees?

Over 60 games this past season, Chapman earned 37 saves over 42 attempts, striking out 85 batters and allowed 48 hits over 57 innings. He ranked second in saves alongside Roberto Osuna of the Houston Astros. The 2019 season was notable for Aroldis, though, as it proved he can stay healthy. He managed to avoid the injured list, which ultimately boosts his value and potential compensation if he opts out.

Britton was confidence that the bullpen could supplement his loss if they need to, according to the NY Post:

“Obviously Chapman is one of the top closers in the game,” Britton said. “I think we have enough talent in the bullpen if he decides to go elsewhere though.”

It will be interesting to see what he decides and if the Yankees are keen on offering him more money to retain his quality.