Are the New York Yankees peaking too early?

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

It’s truly remarkable how quickly the tide has changed for the 2020 New York Yankees. Just ten days ago, the team hit the lowest point of their season. They lost a 2-1 game to the Toronto Blue Jays that marked their seventh loss in eight games.

The team just looked defeated. The Yankees offense couldn’t get blowing, the bullpen was consistently blowing leads, and the starting pitching was all over the place. It was a dark time for Yankees fans, and some thought the team might not make the playoffs.

All of a sudden, the Yankees got an incredible start by rookie Deivi Garcia which led to a win, and they haven’t looked back. The Yankees have now won eight straight games. The offense is setting major league records with the way they are crushing the ball.

The bombers have scored an astonishing 43 runs in their last three games that came against the Blue Jays. The starting pitching has looked good, and the team looks to have all the confidence in the world. Not too mention they just got Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton back.

Have the Yankees peaked too early?

The Yankees are playing their best baseball of the season right now. They are just demolishing their competition, but I’m honestly a little concerned. The team still has ten games to go before the season ends. Will this hot streak carry into the postseason or have they peaked too early?

So far, we have seen three waves in the Yankees season. They started out 10-6 before going on a six game winning streak that pushed them to first in the division. That’s when the Rays came into the Bronx and broke Yankees fans hearts.

The Rays swept the bombers, and the Yankees went on to lose seven straight games. The Yankees looked to be a shell of themselves as they were 5-15 in the 20 games following their six game winning streak that pushed them to 16-6.

Now, the bombers have won eight straight games to get them to 29-21. Minus having Paxton, the team is healthy and looks ready for the postseason. Gerrit Cole is pitching up to his talent level and the team is smacking home runs left and right.

Despite feeling good about those areas, this team has been so hot and cold that I am slightly concerned. The Yankees are still extremely reliant on the home run ball, and we know how that doesn’t always translate in October.

Maybe I shouldn’t be concerned. Maybe the Yankees will ride this wave all the way to a 28th World Series champion. Or maybe the wave crashes right when the playoff start. Either way, I’m still not feeling 100% confident as we head closer to the playoffs.

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