A New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Dodgers World Series in 2020?

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres, Gary Sanchez

The Boston Red Sox just traded away two pieces, Mookie Betts and David Price, that led them during 2018 to win the World Series. The receiving team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, just got even better. Even though the Dodgers haven’t reached that ultimate goal the last few seasons, there’s no denying that this season they are high contenders to be back in the World Series especially with the addition of Betts and Price.

The New York Yankees are the heavy favorites for the American League after picking up Gerrit Cole and are entering the season with their players healthy. The Dodgers are definitely going to be favorites of the National League, so is this the year since 1979 we see a Yankees vs. Dodgers World Series?

Both teams have stacked lineups along with the quality starting pitching. The New York Yankees are led by Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, and Gary Sanchez while having Gerrit Cole, Luis Severino, and James Paxton toeing the slab for them. The Dodgers have Cody Bellinger, Joc Pederson, and Justin Turner leading the lineup while Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler are of the premier pitchers in the league.

It’s no question that a Los Angeles vs. New York World Series would be huge for Major League Baseball. The markets that each city holds would be monumental for not only both teams, but for the MLB too. Baseball is looking for something to draw in more fans and more views, and I think an LA vs. NYC World Series could do just that.

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