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A Healthy Staff is a Happy Staff; New York Yankees Second-Half Pitching Report

by Brad Curry
New York Yankees, Luis Severino

Update on New York Yankees pitchers Luis Severino and Dellin Betances:

With the second half of the season underway, there’s no doubt that wins are going to be more and more important each day. As all baseball fans know, crazier things happen in this game and no lead is safe.

Thankfully, the Yankees have a comfortable lead in the division and are playing some of their best baseball, even with heavy hitters like Giancarlo Stanton on the IL. Two guys that are also sidelined but looking to make a huge impact are Luis Severino and Dellin Betances.

With the current situation and success that the staff has had without the pair of hurlers, there’s no sense in rushing them back before they’re 100% ready. After a strong 2018, Luis Severino is continuing to display that he is the new ace in The Bronx.

With 19 wins and a 3.39 ERA, Sevy finished 9th in Cy Young voting and was looking to continue on his path to a healthy 2019 until he was transferred to the 60-day IL to receive treatment for inflammation in his rotator cuff and a Grade 2 lat strain.

Fans first began to worry after Severino was scratched from his first spring training start on March 5th but it didn’t seem like anything that was season-altering quite yet.

Reports first revealed that he only had some inflammation so it wasn’t anything significant until a few weeks later, when Severino was throwing long-toss with intentions to get his shoulder back into shape. While throwing, he continued to feel discomfort so both Sevy and the Yankees decided the best plan of action was to fly to New York and receive a new M.R.I. which revealed the lat strain.

Like Severino, Betances was also transferred to the 60-day IL with a lat strain during his recovery from a bone spur. Luckily, his lat strain isn’t as severe as Severino’s but precautions are still needed.

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With guys like Zach Britton, Adam Ottavino, and Aroldis Chapman holding down the back end of the bullpen, Betances would be a huge help and hopefully take the heavy workload off of others.

Neither Severino or Betances have a set time that they plan on returning and that’s perfectly okay, considering how far we’ve already gotten without them! If both can be back and pitching in September, there’s no question that they will make a big impact when we need them most; in October.

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