Should the Rangers go all-in at the trade deadline this season?

New York Rangers head coach Peter Laviolette watches the play against the Toronto Maple Leafs during the third period at Scotiabank Arena
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The New York Rangers are anticipated to be buyers at the trade deadline this season but have yet to make a move with the final day for trades now being less than a month away. Their top two offensive targets are already off the board, and the standard is set quite high with first-round draft picks being given out like candy. Combine that with some lackluster play from the Blueshirts as of late, and it creates the question of whether or not it would be worth it to go all-in this season.

The price is set high for trades at this deadline, and the remaining pool of targets has already slimmed down

Sean Monahan and Elias Lindholm were two players that the Rangers were expected to target at the deadline this season. It’s confirmed that they made an offer for Lindholm, but nothing is known about Monahan- either way, both have already been traded elsewhere.

With both Monahan and Lindholm being traded for first-round picks and more, the standard is set high for trades at this year’s deadline. Anyone the Rangers could be interested in will come at a similar return rate, and they don’t really have the assets to go all in without overspending. There’s speculation that Rangers owner James Dolan also does not want to see the franchise moving their 2024 first-round draft pick, making it an even taller task to get a trade done.

There’s practically no chance for the Rangers to be able to make a trade this season without forking up a massive chunk of their future, so it may be for the best to slow down and roll with what is already on the roster.

The Rangers have given no signs of being a Stanley Cup contender over the last few weeks

Teams that go all-in at the trade deadline are some of the best in the NHL — franchises that have a real shot at winning the Stanley Cup. And despite the fact that the Rangers are on a four-game win streak right now, they have given little evidence to prove that they are one of these teams.

The second line is the only consistent offensive unit, the defensive corps is in complete shambles, and Igor Shesterkin has not been himself this entire season. The amount of trades Chris Drury would have to make in order to turn the Rangers into legitimate contenders continues to grow, and he might not be able to make some magic happen this time around.

The Rangers may have started the season out as a dominant force, but considering their ongoing slump and the high standard set on the market, it may not be worth it for the Blueshirts to go all-in this year.

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