What should the Rangers be willing to give up at the trade deadline?

From left, Adam Sykora and Brennan Othmann take part in the Rangers Prospect Development Camp at the Rangers Training facility in Tarrytown July 12, 2022
Frank Becerra Jr. / The Journal News / USA TODAY NETWORK

The New York Rangers will be buyers at this season’s trade deadline, as they intend to acquire at least two more forwards to add to their offensive corps. The growing concern, however, revolves around the price of any potential target.

The standard has been set extremely high already with Elias Lindholm and Sean Monahan both being traded for a first-rounder and more, which means the Blueshirts will likely have to pay a hefty sum in their own trade. Now, the question remains — what should the Rangers be willing to give up?

The Rangers should look to move their 2024 first-rounder, but Dolan may reject the asset being traded for personal gain

Of all the trade assets that the Blueshirts have available to move, their 2024 first-round draft pick has some of the best value. But per Darren Dreger, owner James Dolan may not allow the pick to be moved — and for a strange reason.

With the 2024 NHL draft set to take place at The Sphere in Las Vegas, Dolan reportedly wants the Rangers to be involved in the spectacle. And to no surprise, Dolan is also an owner of the Sphere, which is likely why he wants the Rangers to be present so badly. It would be ridiculous if Dolan actually refuses to let Chris Drury move the pick, as it should be available as the deadline approaches.

Do not trade away the future for a rental

As of now, the Rangers will likely be acquiring a rental at the trade deadline this season. They’ll get about 20 regular season games and a playoff run out of their new forward, and that might be it. So if the Blueshirts are going to make a trade for a short-term player, they mustn’t give up too much of their future.

Adam Sykora and Brennan Othmann are two of the Rangers’ best prospects. It wouldn’t be shocking if either of them became heavily involved in trade rumors, but one thing is for certain — the Rangers absolutely should not trade away Othmann.

If an offer for Sykora comes across Drury’s desk, it would be wise for him to listen. Despite being a top prospect, his future is not as clear as Othmann’s. It would be foolish to move Othmann for practically any realistic offer, as the future star is worth too much for Drury to move on from.

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