Rangers’ Jonathan Quick on the cusp of making NHL history

New York Rangers goaltender Jonathan Quick (32) tends net against the Detroit Red Wings during the second period at Madison Square Garden

Jonathan Quick has had a monumental NHL career, and the work he’s put in during the 2023-24 regular season for the New York Rangers has him positioned to break an impressive record. Quick is closing in on the most saves by a U.S.-born goalie in NHL history.

Rangers: Jonathan Quick is approaching history with the same mindset he’s carried throughout his career

Mollie Walker of the New York Post shared comments from Quick, who reacted to being on the precipice of achieving unparalleled greatness. Quick has this to say on part:

“I think the best way — and it’s something I’ve always tried to do throughout my career — is just staying in the moment. I know the possibility of reaching that record, I have to win the next game in order to be a little bit closer,” Quick noted.

“It’s always a thing where you’re just focused on where you’re at today, what you have to do today in order to be ready for the next game. That has been my approach for a long time.”

How many more wins does Quick need to break the American-born GK wins record?

Quick’s 387 wins in 772 games have him situated at No. 16 on the all-time list. He needs five more wins to usurp Buffalo Sabres legend Ryan Miller, who set the record in 796 games. He’ll also fix himself at No. 14 in history, leapfrogging Dominick Hasek at No. 15 in the process.

That’s not the only record list that Quick can ascend on with speed. Quick’s 478 saves for the Rangers this season brings his career total up to 18,919. The 17-year veteran goaltender currently sits at No. 19 all-time and needs 385 more saves to pass Montreal Canadiens great Casey Price for No. 18.

Starting goalie Igor Shesterkin returned to the lineup this past Friday, Feb. 9 in a Rangers win over the Chicago Blackhawks. Although, with Shesterkin’s injuries and struggles this season, Quick will likely see more opportunities, which will give him the chance to break the wins record and increase his saves total.

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