3 reasons why the Rangers should trade Erik Gustafsson at the deadline

New York Rangers defenseman Erik Gustafsson (56) scores a goal against the Minnesota Wild during the first period at Xcel Energy Center

The NHL Trade Deadline is fast approaching and it’s time to look at players who could be on the move for the New York Rangers. A lot of analysts have talked about the Rangers being buyers at the deadline and with good reason, but there is one player on the team that the Blueshirts should think about moving.

There are three main reasons why the Rangers should trade Erik Gustafsson at this year’s deadline deadline.

3. He is in a bit of a slump and the Rangers need players in a win-now season

Gustafsson had a strong start to the season and, for what he was being paid, it was looked at as the best contract that the Rangers gave in free agency to a skater. However, Gustafsson has been in a real slump lately and has had more bad performances than good ones.

While the Rangers have been phenomenal this season, they are in win-now mode and need players to have strong and consistent performances. Gustafson just has not been the most consistent player and trading him could help bring in a player to help the team.

2. Using Gustaffson to dump Goodrow’s contract

Barclay Goodrow is the worst contract on the New York Rangers payroll, and it’s not even close. With how much of a liability he is, it will be tough to get out of that contract. One way the Rangers could get a team to take on that contract would be to attach Gustafsson to the deal.

Gustafsson, for the contract he is on, could be interesting for a team that is looking to get an offensive boost to their defenseman core. He could help make tackling Goodrow’s contract more attractive.

1. The Rangers could trade him for draft capital

While Gustafsson is in a bit of a slump, the value is clearly in his ability on offense. That can easily help attract teams who are willing to take a chance to bolster their team by getting an offensive-minded defenseman like Gustafsson. They could get a draft pick or two for a player like Gustafsson.

It will be interesting to see how the Rangers handle this offseason and the status of Erik Gustafsson. Only time will tell what happens, but keep an eye on Gustafsson as there is a chance he could be moved during the deadline.

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