3 reasons why the Rangers need to trade Barclay Goodrow at the deadline

New York Rangers center Barclay Goodrow (21) during the third period against the New Jersey Devils in game six of the first round of the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers may be first in the Metropolitan division, but there are still some problems on the team. Out of all the players on the Rangers, the one who has struggled the most has been Barclay Goodrow. Goodrow has been a clear weak point on this team, and it would make sense for the Rangers to look into trading him.

3. Barclay Goodrow keeps getting injured

With Goodrow being an enforcer, his main attributes are his grit and physical play. The issue with being this type of player is the high likelihood of getting injured. Goodrow has already dealt with a jaw injury this season, and it’s evident that he’s playing hurt.

Goodrow has a history of injuries, and in sports, availability is often considered the best ability. Unfortunately, Goodrow tends to get hurt almost every season and it might be best to get a player that will be more available and healthy.

2. The Rangers need to get out of his contract

It is evident that among all the contracts on the Rangers’ payroll, Goodrow’s is the worst. Examining Goodrow’s contract, he carries a cap hit of 3.64 million dollars, and the deal extends until the 2027/28 season. This is a particularly burdensome long-term contract, and it’s worth noting that he has a Modified No-Trade Clause.

With a Modified No-Trade Clause, Goodrow can specify 15 teams on his no-trade list, limiting the Rangers’ flexibility in potential trades. Despite these restrictions, exploring trade options could offer the team much-needed cap relief and the chance to move on from a contract that may become increasingly problematic over time.

1. Goodrow has underperformed this season

Goodrow has become more of a liability than a benefit on this team. The only positive he brings is his grit and physicality. Taking hits and being an enforcer has its merits, but it’s clear that this role has severely affected his ability on the ice.

It hasn’t been a great season for Barclay Goodrow. While he might be a great locker-room presence with many teammates, it’s becoming more beneficial to move him via trade. The reasons to part ways with him are outweighing the reasons to keep him. With the trade deadline approaching, Chris Drury has some work to do, and it wouldn’t be a shock if Goodrow gets moved.

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