Rey Ordóñez: Mets should leave Amed Rosario alone

New York Mets shortstop Amed Rosario began his Major League career with such high expectations, it was almost impossible for him to succeed. As a 21 year-old in 2017, Rosario – considered the top prospect in all of Baseball by many – played in 46 games, batting .248 with four home runs and 10 RBI. His fielding was not eye-popping either.

Rosario’s second season didn’t wow anyone to the point where they felt he would live up to the hype. He batted .256 with 9 HR and 51 RBI. He did steal 24 bases, however. Again, his fielding was nothing special and there were rumblings that the team was contemplating moving him to the outfield.

2019 changed all of that. Rosario began to blossom. His defense improved to the point where the team backed off the notion of moving him off shortstop and his offense was more in line with the player the Mets felt they developed a few year earlier. Rosario raised his average to .287, belted 15 homers and drove in 72 runs. The Mets were finally realizing that he was their man.

Rey Ordóñez, the Mets’ former All-Star, Gold Glove shortstop, is confident the Mets have something special in Rosario.

“I try to see the Mets play every time they come to play the Marlins,” said, Rey, a former shortstop, who was a part of what is almost universally acclaimed as the best defensive infield of all time. “He was so much better the second part of the year. I would just leave him alone. The stuff he has done at such a young age (23) is amazing.”

“I just think his defense will keep getting better and better,” said Ordóñez. “As far as his offense, his stats are something that I only could have dreamed of when I was playing.”

No one is expecting Rosario to become a defensive whiz like Ordóñez but they’re hoping he’ll continue to improve on both defense and at the plate.