New York Mets linked to Manny Machado as future big-splash

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Oct 22, 2022; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado (13) gestures after hitting a home run in the first inning during game four of the NLCS against the Philadelphia Phillies for the 2022 MLB Playoffs at Citizens Bank Park.Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Following the long Carlos Correa dilemma, it already seems as if the New York Mets have their next big third base target in mind.

To just go along with all of the Shohei Ohtani talk as a future Mets target, you can now throw Manny Machado into the conversation for Steve Cohen. Machado has a player option on his contract after this season and is expected to exercise it.

The initial buzz surrounding Machado for the Mets came shortly after Correa agreed to go back to the Minnesota Twins. The report came from Michael Marino of Sports Illustrated, who shared that the Mets internally discussed the idea of Machado next year as talks with Correa were dwindling.

Since Marino’s initial report, more speculation surrounding Machado to the Mets in the future has brewed.

The New York Mets could make a play for star 3B Manny Machado next year:

Recently, SNY MLB Insider Andy Martino said the following about Machado to the Mets next winter.

“One of those things that’s a way better idea (than Correa), is Manny Machado, once he opts out of his Padres contract. The relationship between Machado and (Buck) Showalter is really authentic. … the fact that he’s a great third baseman, does not require a 12-year contract, star in his prime, that’s a fit.” Martino made things even more exciting for Mets fans with this, “Listen, obviously, we’ve learned that he’s (Steve Cohen) willing financially to go anywhere. In fact, we talk about Ohtani and Machado next offseason, there’s absolutely no reason to expect that the Mets would feel like they have to choose between those guys. They will go for both of them. If and when both of them are available and if those guys want to leave the west coast. Mets are there to pay those guys.”

Machado will only be 31 years old if and when he is available next off-season. He is a dominant player coming off of a season in which he batted .298, hit 32 home runs, and drove in 102 runs, with a .898 OPS.

Machado and Showalter spent seven years (2012-18) with the Baltimore Orioles and supposedly have a great relationship. We know that with what Cohen has shown, the Mets will always be looking to spend big. Machado is a terrific and proven player still with some youth and could improve this Mets lineup in a big way come next offseason.

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