New York Mets have a few top prospects in MLB Pipeline Top 100

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Last night, MLB Pipeline released their Top 100 prospects for 2023. In the ranking, four young New York Mets were listed.

The top three players that the Mets had mentioned were all rated inside the top 36, showing the Mets have some prime young talent. Those prospects all happened to land in the MLB Pipeline’s top three at each of their positions as well.

Let’s take a look at where each of the four Mets in this Top 100 came in.

New York Mets prospects in MLB Pipeline Top 100:

The top Mets prospect, to no surprise, was Francisco Alvarez, who came in at number three and was the top catcher. After him, Brett Baty was ranked the 21st-best prospect and the second, third baseman. Following Baty was Kevin Parada, the Mets’ top draft pick in 2022. Parada was MLB Pipeline’s 36th-rated prospect and the third-best catcher. Lastly, Alex Ramirez came in at 96.

In the positional rankings leading up to the Top 100 overall, Alvarez and Parada both ranked in the top three at the catcher position and the top 36 overall, showing how exciting of a future the Mets could have at the position. In the positional ranking MLB Pipeline had for the catcher position, Alvarez had the best power grade (70), and Parada had the best hitting grade (60). When discussing various superlatives at the position, Alvarez was named as the catcher from the group with the highest ceiling and well as the Rookie of the Year candidate. With Alvarez and Parada, there is plenty to be thrilled about at catcher for the Mets moving forward.

As noted above, Baty was the second-ranked third baseman in the positional rankings prior to the Top 100 release. When multiple superlatives were rattled off for the position group, Baty was the one who received the player with the highest floor, showing how safe of a prospect he is. When discussing why MLB Pipeline simply mentioned the natural swing that Baty is gifted with. It is one that can go for both contact and power. It will be fascinating to see if Baty is on the Mets Opening Day roster, he will surely be one of the players to watch at Spring Training.

Lastly, with Ramirez, he did not finish in the top 10 of the positional rankings in the outfield but was ranked 96th overall. MLB Pipeline had grades of 55 or better for Ramirez in five of six different categories. His power (55), speed (55), arm (60), fielding (55), and overall (55). The lone trait of Ramirez that could use some work is his ability to hit for contact (45). He has loads of potential as a center fielder. Ramirez is also gifted physically with 6-foot-3 height. Over the last two years in the minor leagues, Ramirez has played 197 games and has a .273 batting average. He could join the Mets in 2024.

It is encouraging to see that the Mets have some young talent coming up in the future. Aside from the four prospects to make the cut, a few of their other top young players to make note of are Jett Williams, Ronny Mauricio, Mark Vientos, and Matt Allan. There is certainly a talented core with youth that the Mets have in place. It will be fun to see how all of these prospects continue to keep developing.

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