New York Mets’ Brett Baty has the right attitude

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While things have likely been tough and confusing on Brett Baty, one of the New York Mets’ top prospects this offseason, with his name constantly floating the waters as a trade candidate, the 23-year-old has one impressive approach.

The hypothetical trade buzz began in the early phases of the offseason when there was speculation on the future of Los Angeles Angels star, Shohei Ohtani. Shortly after that discussion was put to rest, with the Angels announcing Ohtani could not be had, the Mets verbally agreed to a 12-year mega-deal with Carlos Correa. It had Baty’s future as the Mets third baseman looking rather bleak.

After the initial verbal agreement with Correa, though, the Mets could not finalize anything, giving Baty life with the Mets at third once again. Only, then, for rumors on Manny Machado to the Mets’ next free agency to heat up. Also, within the past week, it was reported that the Miami Marlins have tried more than once to acquire Baty through a trade over the last few months.

Even though the Mets have looked to make a splash that could put a dent in the future Baty has with the organization, they have held on to their second-ranked prospect per MLB Pipeline. It is perhaps the one downside to being big-spenders on immediate-impact players, younger talents like Baty are left with murky futures. Nonetheless, the prospect is not discouraged whatsoever and still wants to help contribute to the Mets.

Brett Baty shared thoughts on his status with the New York Mets:

Recently, comments from Baty were shared in which he expressed some of his thoughts on how things have transpired this offseason.

“At the end of the day, you want that guy (Correa) on your team. If we did end up signing him, I would have been fine with going to try to play left field if somebody needed a day off or something like that. I just want to be in the big leagues helping a team win.”

On his expectations for earning a spot on the Mets 2023 Opening Day roster, “I see it like, if I go out there and show them that I’m capable of playing really solid defense and swinging it against Major League pitching in Spring Training, I feel like I’m going to get a shot. I’m going to get a look. But at the end of the day, it’s their call.”

Despite some of the likely missed signals given to Baty by the Mets, he certainly has the right attitude. Pair his already professional mindset with his talent, and the potential to be a top contributor for the Mets is undoubtedly there.

Baty, the Mets’ first-round draft selection in 2019 (12th overall), is gifted physically. He has prototypical size at 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds with a strong arm in the field. At the plate, he has tons of power with that size, and not only that, Baty can hit for contact as well.

The Mets’ second-rated prospect needs seasoning defensively and more plate appearances to gain comfortability, allowing his natural ability to take over. Baty has one pure swing that could make a difference for the Mets for years to come.

In terms of his likelihood of making the Opening Day 26-man roster, as Baty mentioned, improvement with his glove will be the main key. Whether it be at third base or in left field, shoring up his defense will boost his chances.

We know Baty has all the talent to be special, possibly. As much as anything, though, it is very encouraging to hear his attitude from the quote above. Baty is not flustered by or frustrated with the Mets’ lack of commitment at all; he wants to contribute. Now, gaining reps at the plate and in the field to help build his confidence will allow Baty to unleash his exciting potential.

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