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New York Mets a “Team to Watch” on Josh Hader


The New York Mets are looking to upgrade their bullpen this offseason, and they have interest in the Milwaukee Brewers star closer, Josh Hader.

According to reports by The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal and SNY’s Andy Martino the Mets have interest in trading for Josh Hader. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the Mets’ bullpen is one of their biggest weaknesses.

What is surprising is that the Milwaukee Brewers are even considering trading. Hader is one of the elite relief pitchers in baseball and has been since he debuted in 2017. In his three years in the league, Hader has been an All-Star twice and finished top-10 in Cy Young voting.

Hader did run into issues in 2019 with the home run ball like most pitchers, but he was able to get around it. He allowed 1.8 HR/9 but kept his ERA down to 2.62. The Scary thing about Hader is that his control and stuff seems to be getting better every year. His K/9 has increased every year of his career and was at 16.2 K/9 last season, while his walks have decreased every year and were down to just 2.4 BB/9 last season.

From a talent standpoint, Hader seems a lock to continue being an elite reliever. There is no reason to believe he is due for any regression in the near future.

The price for Hader would be steep though. Andy Martino speculates that Hader would cost the Mets at least one of JD Davis or Dom Smith as a centerpiece. It would likely take more than just one of them to finish the deal though, the Mets would likely have to part with a top prospect along with one of them.

A potential Hader deal would likely cost the Mets something in the park of JD Davis and Andres Gimenez for Josh Hader. That’s a lot to give up for a reliever, especially after the Mets decimated their farm system trading for Marcus Stroman, Robinson Cano, and Edwin Diaz last season.

Whatever the case may be, the New York Mets seem to be in the thick of the Josh Hader hunt. This is certainly something to keep an eye on as the offseason rolls along. Especially at the Winter Meetings next week.

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