Mets’ Luis Severino is ready to revamp career with tweak to his sleep habits

New York Mets starting pitcher Luis Severino (40) warms-up during workouts at spring training
Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

Luis Severino is out for a resurgent campaign in the 2024 MLB season. The New York Mets invested in the former New York Yankees talent, believing that he could turn things around. Amid the pitfalls that have hindered Severino from regaining the steak that he once had, the 30-year-old has found proactive ways to improve his habits off the field.

Mets’ Luis Severino cut back on TV time before bed to improve sleep

One measure that Severino has taken is changing the way he sleeps. New York Post reporter Mike Puma unveiled this quote from the key Mets rotation piece on the damaging effects of his prior habits:

“I used to stay up late and watch TV,” Severino said Monday. “My TV was always on, because in order to fall asleep I have to experience something and that’s bad.”

Severino is far from the first pro athlete to speak on outside habits holding their game back. However, the former two-time All-Star encouragingly pinpointed an area that made him sluggish and underperforming when it was time to take the mound and address it.

The Mets star goes to bed with a whole new regimen. He’s turned off the TV, relied on music to soothe him, and changed the temperature of his domicile.

Severino is ready to put the 2023 campaign behind him

It is his hope that improved sleep will facilitate a better response from his body when it’s time to throw. The Mets are liking what they’re seeing from the Dominican RHP in the early days of Spring Training.

Severino’s goal is to build upon what works and wage a comeback in 2024. His .665 ERA and 79 strikeouts across 18 starts last season need cleaning up. Thankfully, he’s on track to do so.

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