Mets: Kodai Senga’s hallmark pitch already making waves

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Feb 19, 2023; Port St. Lucie, FL, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Kodai Senga (34) winds up during spring training workouts. Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

It only took one of his first live batting practice showdowns for New York Mets’ new stud Kodai Senga to make his specialty pitch noticeably untouchable.

During yesterday’s work in Port St. Lucie, SNY shared a few clips of Senga at work. The new Mets right-handed pitcher had his ghost fork pitch well on display, fanning some of the Mets’ best bats.

Mets’ Kodai Senga showing much promise in no time:

From yesterday morning’s live BP session, SNY posted one short video of Senga matched up with Pete Alonso. Senga ended up striking Alonso out with a breaking ball low and away.

Following yesterday’s on-field work, both Alonso and Francisco Lindor were made available to the media and were asked about Senga’s calling card pitch.

Alonso stated, “Yeah, I’m happy I don’t have to face him that’s for sure. I’m happy he’s on our side. I’m glad that these at bats do not count. So, very happy with that.”

On the ghost fork pitch, “I didn’t really have anything to base it off of. It’s like it’s own pitch. I mean, it’s a pretty good one.” When asked about the shape of the pitch, “I don’t know, that’s why it’s the ghost pitch.”

Lindor also gave some glowing remarks stating the following.

“The potential of becoming really good in the show. First time I believe he’s facing hitters here. So, he looked good for a first day. He looks good. First day of school, he looks really good.”

On his splitter, “It was good. It was good. It had a good depth. And he located it. Against me, he bounced it. Against other hitters, he located it. So, it was good. I’m happy he’s on my team and I don’t have to face him.”

When asked if he saw the ghost fork pitch, “Um, no, I didn’t see it because it’s a ghost ball.”

Since signing with the Mets, one of the top potential concerns most had with Senga was that it could take some time for him to adjust to competing against major league hitters. Knowing that, yet seeing some immediate success from him, is very encouraging.

Senga has loads of potential and, with that upside, only raises the Mets’ ceiling as a team. One that happens to be in pursuit of a World Series right now. Senga has the talent to provide loads of excitement when on the mound in Queens during the 2023 season and will be a vital asset to this Mets’ team going as far as they expect.

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