Mets’ Francisco Lindor has lofty expectations for 2023 season

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Francisco Lindor is now in his third year with the New York Mets. It was just two months after being acquired by the Mets in January 2021 when Lindor signed a huge 10-year contract worth $341 million, making him a Met through 2031.

His first year with the Mets was a bad one, to say the least. He hit .231 and had a .734 OPS, both the lowest for a single season in his eight-year career. The Mets finished with a 77-85 record in 2021, and there was some concern about how Lindor would bounce back.

Luckily, his second year with the Mets was a great one. Lindor batted .270, hit 26 home runs, drove in a career-high 107 runs, had a .788 OPS, and a 5.4 WAR. Lindor played 161 games for the Mets in 2022 and had an integral part in the team’s 101-win regular season and first postseason appearance since 2016.

But now, going into year three in Queens, Lindor has expectations much greater than just going to the playoffs.

Francisco Lindor states, “it’s time” for the Mets to win the World Series:

In a recent interview with Haute Living, Lindor shared his thoughts on the 2023 Mets.

“Once I became a New York Met, I knew we were going to do very special things together. … What we’re going to do is win. We’re going to find a way. There’s nothing else, there’s no more trying to get to know each other. It’s time. It’s time to win the World Series and to be the best shortstop I can be.”

In the interview, Lindor also made known that he is “super proud” to be a Met and how he would never wear team hats but now is wearing a Mets hat “all the time.”

The Mets have a chance at a World Series this year, and Lindor is a big reason why. For the Mets to reach their ultimate goal in 2023, they will need yet another big year from Lindor.

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